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Although all of our Canadian postal services are very reliable and none of our packages have ever gone missing or damaged, some clients feel better with extra insurance!


Option 3 is similar to Option 2, you will receive the "Ready to go" box and it will take the same delivery time.


Unlike Option 2

Option 3 is Non-Refundable

You pack it

You don't have a safe box? No worries, we will send you our Prepaid "Ready to Go" Box!



You pack it and we'll email you a Prepaid Label to tape to your box.

It is that simple!


If you DO NOT have a secured box, please select option 2.


We require a small $29 deposit, it will be refunded on your repair bill.


Insurance: Your MacBook is insured upto $1000

We require a small $35 deposit, it will be entirely refunded on your repair bill.


$2000 Coverage, you pay $100

$3000 Coverage, you pay $200

Extra insurance

(Every MacBook is insured by default up to $1000)

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