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Mac Repair Canada is the only “Coast-to-Coast” Mac repair service of its kind.

We are an "out of warranty" repair centre, we are totally independent of Apple Canada (Apple Inc.).


Backed by a staff of experienced Mac professionals, Mac Repair Canada was founded by Hamad Benaicha a Certified Apple Macintosh Technician and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer with over 15 years working experience in the IT industry.


Hamad's professional IT expertise and reputation has garnered him invitations to speak on over 50 television and radio programs. His Proprietary Security Policies were adopted and implemented by many businesses and posted and recommended for a full year on the highly respected Ontario Bar Association's website.

Hamad has always had a passion for Apple products and particularly loved fixing the MacBook series. Mac Repair Canada  was born of that love with repairs completed within 24 business hours, treating every piece of technology as if it were our very own.


Hamad himself promises nothing but the very best and Mac Repair Canada delivers!

Q: What areas of Canada do you cover with your repair services?

A: Mac Repair Canada covers all areas of Canada. Coast to Coast, no matter where you are located, we will help you!


Q: I have never shipped my MacBook anywhere before and I feel a bit nervous! What can you tell me to put me at ease?

A: You can relax; there are several reasons to trust us:


1- Shipping through online orders is a common practice with businesses everywhere.


2- Your MacBook traveled across the world after manufacture, so if it is packed well, there won't be any problems.


3- Keep in mind that you are not sending your MacBook overseas to India or the Philippines for repair, it is being shipped to Toronto, Canada.


4- Shipping is FREE, secured & trackable and every MacBook is automatically insured upto $1000 (additional insurance is available).


5- Don't pay a premium, cut out the middle man! MacBooks that cannot be repaired by most computer stores end up being shipped to us.



























Q: What type of guarantee do you offer?

A: We offer the best guarantee in the IT industry , 1 year on all our repairs.


Q: I spilled liquid on my MacBook, can you fix it?

 A: Yes we can fix it, we specialize in repairs due to liquid damage.


Q: Do you repair Apple products that are covered by the AppleCare Warranty?

A: No we do not, we are in no shape or form affiliated to Apple Inc. We operate as a third party in accordance to Apple's guidelines.

    Apple, iMac, iPad, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro are all trademarks of Apple Inc.


Q: Is the shipping 100% free ?

A: Yes it is for most repairs.


Q: During shipping, is my MacBook insured?

A: Yes it is, by default we insure every MacBook up to $1000 or less depending on it's market value, we also offer additional insurance if you need it, up to $3000.


Q: I have important data on my MacBook but I want to ship it for repair, what should I do?

A: Please make sure to have a backup of your data before shipping it, remember that in the worse case scenario, a MacBook is always replaceable but NOT your data, that is entirely your responsibility.


Q: I live in Toronto; can I bring my MacBook directly to you for faster service?

A: Yes you can, but you must call first to arrange a drop off time.


Q: How long will it take to get my MacBook repaired?

A: We aim to repair it within 24hr (business hours) from the time we receive it.


Q: What payment methods does your company accept?

A: We accept all major credit cards, we also accept cheques for local  clients only !


Q: Do you also repair iMacs?

A: We do not because of weight and the shipping costs, but if you are located  in Toronto, we might be able to help you out, give us a call.


Q: Do you also repair PCs and Laptops?

A: Yes, we  do, but you must call first.

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