The MacBook is one of the many exceptional technology products produced by Apple. MacBook lovers all over the world will confess that it is far more superior to a regular laptop. Used MacBooks are in demand and we are committed to delivering great value for your money.

We accept all versions of MacBooks, working or not.

Offers will depend on several factors. The year and model, is it working or not? And the condition it is in.

Simply email us with subject line: Selling my MacBook and provide as much details as you can about the history and the condition of your MacBook, and the Serial Number if you have it handy.

As soon as we get your request, we will send you an email with our offer and how to proceed.


Unlike taking a chance on buying a used, non-working MacBook from free online classifieds sites, our used Macbooks are all tested by professionals and certified to be 100% working. They all come with 6 months warranty that can be upgraded.

Please email us with subject line: Buying a MacBook and describe what you are looking for, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Retina display or not, the size of RAM and the size of the hard drive and we will email you what we have in stock that matches your request.


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